Sinterbronze bearings – Flange

Maintenance-free flange bearings for high speed and low load.

– Maintenance free (selflubricating)
– Suitable for high speed and low load
– Long life in normal operations
– – Multiple areas of us (universal bearing)

Areas of use
Packaging machines, conveyors, fans, computers, printers, garage doors etc.

Shapes & forms
Cylindrical bearings, flange bearings, rods, filters, sound silencers.


Sinterbronze are manufactured by sintering pressed tin bronze powder. The manufacturing process includes calibration of tolerances and impregnation of oil in the bearings. This method generates a self-lubricating slidebearing with good mechanical properties. Sinterbronze bearings are an excellent universal bearing which is well suited for structures with high speeds and low to medium loads. A cost-effective plain or flanged bearing with long life and multipurpose use.

Sinterbronze consists of ca. 25% oil and do not require additional lubrication. If you machine the bearings to alter tolerance, they need to be re-impregnated with oil again. This can be done by placing the bearings in an oil bath (e.g. SAE 20) and then heat it up to 80°C and then let them remain in the oil bath until they cooled to room temperature.

Special manufacturing
Drawing parts and special sizes can produced upon order. Sintered products are also available in other materials such as oil steel, ferro-bronze and MoS2 bronze. Please contact us for a quotation or more information.


Additional information

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