Unique steel bushing that fully closes at the gap.

– Suitable for heavy load applications
– Can replace turned steel bushings
– Surface treated against corrosion
– Gap closes fully after assembly

Areas of use
Special machinery, heavy vehicles, towing buckets for excavators, cranes, agricultural machinery etc.

Shapes & forms
Cylindrical bearings. Available in several versions for     maximum customization.




P7-S is a unique patented type of tension bushing which, unlike other tension bushings, closes completely at the slit (gap). Thereby, P7 S can replace most turned steel bushings at a lower cost. The closed slit enables the lubrication to remain inside the bearing, generating fewer maintenance periods. P7-S is an excellent universal bushing suitable for all kinds of applications where heavy loads, grinding and abrasive movements or big shock stress occurs.

P7 S are made of boron-alloyed steel (37MnB4) which is a material with exceptional abrasion resistance. The steel is tempered to between 44-54 HRc, depending on the heat treatment method. After hardening, the material has a very fine-grain structure which makes it easy to machine.

P7-S needs lubrication for optimal lifespan and performance. All common greases or oils can be used. The bearings are surface treated with MoS2 providing protection against corrosion while it also serves as initial lubricant during start-up process.

Special manufacturing
Drawing parts and special sizes can produced upon order. Please contact us for a quotation or more information.