Turned bronze flange bearings with lubrication grooves.

– Suitable for high loads
– Multiple areas of us (universal bearing)
– Long life
– Wide temperature range

Areas of use
Forest machinery, pump housing parts, cylinder bearings, shipping & container industry etc.

Shapes & forms
Cylindrical bearings, flange bearings


LMF bearings are made from machined bronze semicast material. Alloy is Rg7 (CC493K, red bronze). The bearing are produced in acc. with ISO-SS 4379.

The bearings are produced with an inner grease groove, that build up a lubricating film over the sliding surface to reduce friction at start and during operation. LMF is suited for medium to heavy loads and withstand dirty environments excellent. LMF is simply a quality universal bearing that works for a variety of bearing applications.

LMF is intended to be lubricated for optimal life. All common greases and/or oils can be used.

Special manufacturing
Drawing parts and special sizes can produced upon order. LMF can also be manufactured in other alloys. Please contact us for a quotation or more information.