New product! The toughest slidebearing around.

– Extreme load capacity
– Extremely long service life (does not wear out)
– High abrasion resistance
– Works well in dirty and corrosive environments

Areas of uses e.g.
EX3M is the slidebearing that doesn't wear out. Despite a higher price picture, the total cost is ultimately much lower, as the EX3M is primarily a problem solver that can handle extreme demands and environments where other layers do not have a chance.

Shapes & forms
Cylindrical bearings, flange bearings, pressure washers, slides.



EX3M is made of a a unique and patented material. EX3M outperforms traditional sliding bearings with great margin when it comes to heavy tasks. In many cases they can replace both roller bearings and needle bearings. The bearing withstands extreme pressure and can handle wet and dirty environments very well. Exceptional characteristics of the EX3M are: hard, slow, high abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance and extremely low friction.

The standard bearings are intended to be pressed into the bearing housing with tolerance H7.

Axle/shaft – Bearing play
To the inner diameter of the bearing, axles with tolerance e7 or f7 are recommended.

Should be done through the shaft studs or radially through the bearing seats. Any commonly used grease can be used.

Special manufacturing
In addition to having standard bearings, we can also make details, according to your drawings, in this unique and patented material.