Multi layer bearings with acetal sliding layer.

– Suitable for dirty and tough environments
– Requires little maintenance (prelubricated)
– Long life in normal operations
– Multiple areas of us (universal bearing)

Areas of use
Forest-, packaging and agricultural machinery,
food industry, hydraulic cylinders etc.

Shapes & forms
Plain cylindrical bearings, thrust washers and
sliding plates.


POM is a triple layer bearing consisting of copperplated steel frame, a middle layer of sintered bronze and a sliding surface of acetal plastic (POM).
The sliding surface is provided with grease pockets which embeds the lubricant for gradual
release during operation. The slip layer also has a good ability to embed dirt and small particles that could damage the shaft. POM can withstand relatively high loads and is suitable for rotary and oscillating movements and structures with frequent starts and stops.

POM LMB-bearings are not to be worked on (no bore or grinding). Nor on the inside or the outside diameter. They are already prepared for assembly. The bearings are so designed that when press-fitting the bearing into the housing, the mating gap can be eliminated. However, the mating-point of the bearing should be positioned away from the load-zone.

Cutting or sticking
Always cut or stick the sliding plate (sheets or washers) from the sliding surface towards the steel surface. Bearing are to be cut from the inside towards the outside. This is to prevent the three layers from dividing. Therefore always start from the soft layer towards the harder layer.
It also helps you to keep any burrs in the right direction (not towards the sliding surface).
Please don´t hesitate to contact us if further information is needed.

Bearings, washers or sheets of the brand POM-LMB are prelubricated and therefore lubrication through grease or oil is to recommend. Through adding oil-resin into the POM-mix, our POM-LMB are actually capable of running a while ”dry”, without breaking. Any type of grease, oil or other lubricant can be used, since the POM layer is not sensitive in any way for chemical reaction of additives in lubricants.

Special manufacturing
On request, we can offer inch-sizes, special lengths, items acc. to drawing