Self lubricating plain bearings for extra heavy loads.

– Maintenance-free (selflubricating)
– Low coefficient of friction
– Handles heavy, grinding loads
– Good anti-corrosive abilities
– Anti-abrasive sliding surface

Areas of use e.g.
Applications exposed to wear & tear through heavy grinding movements under high pressure. Heavy load applications under intermittent operations…

Shapes & forms
Plain cylindrical bearings, flanged bearings, thrustwashers, slidingplates.


Dynaweave is a slide bearing specially designed for high, grinding loads. The sliding surface is self-lubricating and consists of a strong glass fiber fabric and a special PTFE-layer, woven together by a unique method. This type of slide-bearing is vibration resistant and can withstand even relatively large edge loads. Dynaweave can be an affordable option where your common wrapped bearing is not fully enough or wears out too fast.

Dynaweave are ready for assembly. Aerating is done most easily through them. The bearings are so designed that when press-fitting the bearing into the housing, the mating gap can be eliminated. The mating-point of the bearing should be positioned away from the load-zone.

Press-fit the bearing straight and concentrically into the housing, carefully and slowly, using a press or a vise, making sure that no damage is done to the inner surface of the bearing.

Thrust washers and sliding plates (sheets) can be screwed or glued with e.g. Loctite for metals (e.g. Loctite 603). Be careful not to get any glue on the sliding surface.

Dynaweave is self-lubricating and can “run dry”. If additional lubrication is added, don’t use greases containing molybdenum sulphide (MoS2). MoS2 reacts chemically with the sliding surface causing it to melt. If grease is added we recommend a lithium-based lubricant (so-called “white grease”) with an additive.

Special manufacturing
Upon request, we can offer inch-sizes, special lengths, bearings acc. to drawing and various PTFE-layers for different areas of use as well as different backings in bronze or stainless steel etc

Limited stocks of Dynaweave. Contact us for more info or quotation.


Additional information

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