White metal alloys.

The Babbits alloys primarily differs from each other by percentage of tin and lead content.

With high lead content get excellent bearing properties while one with a higher tin content gives you properties that are better suited for high speeds and impact damage.

Below is an overview of the alloys we can provide.

Areas of use
Diesel engines, , rolling mill bearings, bearings for compressors, pump bearings etc.

Shapes & forms: Ingots or bars



Lagermetall can, apart from other stocked bronze material, also offer ingots for casting, in Babbits-alloys. We have a very limited stock, but leadtime is short.


Alloy                                Tin           Copper          Antimony          Lead      Nickel
Nom värden                     (Sn)          (Cu)               (Sb)                    (Pb)       (Ni)

Babbits 1A, Sn 70           70.0%         4.0%             12.0%               14.0%        —
Babbits 1A Extra Sn80    80.0%         7.0%             13.0%               —              —
Babbits 2, Pb 54              30.0%         2.5%             13.0%               54.5%       —
Babbits 3, Pb 73              12.0%          —                 15.0%               73.0%       —