AB-380 (C38000)

Aluminiumbronze – Extra hard.

AB-380 is one of our hardest possible aluminiumbronzes. A common area of use is – for example – forming tools for tube bending and press parts. The advantage of this material compared to other materials used for the same purpose is the superior sliding properties which also results in a longer life span.

Areas of use
Wear partner for hardened steel grades, forming tools for bending, embossing, profiling and thermoforming of stainless steel plates and tubes





Chemical composition (nom.)
– Cu Rest
– Al 15,0%
– Fe 5,0%

Max. impurities
– Other. 2-4%

Mechanical properties (nom.)
Yield strength (Rp N/mm² ): >590 N/mm²
Tensile strength (Rm N/mm² ): >680 N/mm²
Elongation in % A 5 : < 0.5%
Hardness/Brinell: ≥ 380 HB
Mating material: Min. surface hardness 450 HB Rec. Surface roughness < 1 Ra
Machinability 40/100 (Index, Brass CW614N 100/100)

Additional information