AB-200 (C95400)

Aluminiumbronze – Extra hard.

AB-200 is a tough wear and tear aluminiumbronze with good sliding properties and excellent mechanical abilities, also at high temperatures. AB-200 is approved for the food industry, as this material is absolutely nickel, tin, and lead free.

Area of use
Bearings for heavy loads, spur gears, whorm wheels, valve components, wear plates and guide parts for hydraulics, high pressure fittings etc.





Chemical Composition (nom.values)
– Cu 83% min
– Al 10.0-11.5%
– Fe 3.0-5.0%

Max impurities
– Ni 0-1.5%
– Mn 0-0.5%

Mechanical properties – Cont. cast
Yield strength (Rp N/mm²): min 221 N/mm²
Tensile strength (Rm N/mm²): min 586 N/mm²
Elongation in % A 5: > 12%
Hardness/Brinell: ≥ 170 HB
Note. Thru heat treatment the mechanical properties can be further increased
Mating material: Min surface hardness 350 HB. Rec. Surface roughness < 1 Ra
Machinability 60/100 (Index, Brass CW614N 100/100)

Additional information