Lagermetall AB was founded in 1979 by Bo V: son Hellström, focusing on delivering semicast bronze-material and bronze bearings to mechanical industry in Scandinavia. The key words were quality & service, basic values that runs through our company as much then, as now. Over the years the product range has increased to a wider range of sliding elements. Our key words, quality & service remain unchanged.

Here below are some important milestones for the Company.

1979 – Lagermetall AB is founded January 1st 1979. Major products are semi cast bronze material and two types of Swedish standard bronze bearings.
1986 – Lagermetall AB moves from west to south Orebro to Boskarsgatan 23.
1988 Wrapped and rolled multi- and single-layer bearings are added to the product range.
1993 Internal qualitymanual is introduced and traceability method of bronze and bearings is created.
1998 First co-operation with China is initiated. Product-line is wrapped and rolled, thinwall bearings. Starsea Industrial. Co. becomes a key partner to Lagermetall AB.
1998 Websites www.lagermetall.se / www.lagermetall.com are launched…
2000 A co-operation is initiated with Concast Metals in the US. Leadfree bronzes are added to the product range. Lagermetall AB are among the pioneers in Europe for leadfree bronze materials.
2001 Lagermetall AB are awarded by Kvarntorps Recycling (consisting of local governments and major private enterprises), for the work with leadfree materials (Federalloys®)
2002 Manufacturing of turned and milled sliding elements in China starts up.
2003 Lagermetall becomes a key player in Sweden, for bronze-parts produced acc. to drawing and/or client specifications.
2004 LM and Starsea Ind. Co. build a new QC (Quality Center) enabling us to test parts in room temperature (20°C) in 3D-measuring machine, spectrometer, hardness testing and with a complete set of measuring equipment’s.
2004 ISO certified for quality 9001 & environment 14001
2007 Appointed Gazelle-company by Dagens Industri (Sweden’s largest industrial newspaper annually appoints the most successful companies in Sweden)
2008 Appointed Gazelle-company by Dagens Industri
2009 Our present office and bigger warehouse facilities are built.
2010 Expands the business through starting up a subsidiary in China– The Bronze Bearing Company Ltd., our daughter company, is born…
2013 Builds up a quality center (QC) at the main office with 3-D measuring, hardness-testing etc. Complete calibration of all measuring equipment is done annually.
2014 Methodical work begins with constant quality improvements (LSF). A visual graphic image is used internally for symbolizing LSF (Lagermetall’s Constant Improvements)
2015 –
We move from CAD consulting service to produce our own drawings in Iron-CAD (available in STEP format).
2016 Premiere for our latest and present homepage on the web.