Self lubricating plain bearings with PTFE sliding layer.


– Maintenance-free (self-lubricating)
– Low coefficient of friction
– Universal bearing
– Long lifespan

Areas of use e.g.
Packaging machinery, motors, turbines, pumps, forklifts etc.

Shapes & forms
Plain cylindrical bearings, flanged bearings, thrustwashers, sliding plates.

Also available
with leadfree PTFE, with a variety of PTFE-mixes specialized for various industries


BM is a self-lubricating multi layer bearing consisting of tin-coated steel, a middle layer of sintered bronze and an inner layer, sliding surface, of PTFE. The bearing is mainly suitable for rotating and oscillating movements and applications with frequent starts and stops. The friction value is very low which enables BM bearings to be used without lubrication. The bearings can also be used in oil or water since the bearings are highly corrosion resistant.

Assembly of BM-LMB
BM-LMB bearings are not to be worked on (no bore or grinding). Nor on the inside or the outside diameter. They are already prepared for assembly.

The bearings are so designed that when press-fitting the bearing into the housing, the mating gap can be eliminated.

The mating-point of the bearing should be positioned away from the load-zone. Press-fit the bearing straight and concentrically into the housing, carefully and slowly, using a press or a vise, making sure that no damage is done to the inner surface of the bearing.

Thrust washers and sliding plates (sheets) can be screwed or glued with e.g. Loctite for metals (e.g. Loctite 603). Be careful not to get any glue on the sliding surface.

If a bore is made, always operate from the sliding surface towards the steel surface.

This is to prevent the three layers from dividing.

Cutting or sticking
Always cut or stick the sliding plate (sheets or washers) from the sliding surface towards the steel surface. Bearing are to be cut from the inside towards the outside. This is to prevent the three layers from dividing. Therefore always start from the soft layer towards the harder layer. It also helps You to keep any burrs in the right direction (not towards the sliding surface).

Lubrication / BM-LMB (wrapped bushing with PTFE sliding surface)
Bearings, washers or sheets of the brand BM-LMB are under no circumstances to be lubricated with grease containing MoS2 (molybden disulfide, normal component in universal greases). MoS2 will create a chemical reaction causing the PTFE-layer to melt.

BM-LMB bearings are to be run dry. If, however, grease is used, we recommend a so called “white grease”. E.g. a lithium-based grease with additives from a “whitener”, e.g. calcium hydroxide, zinc monoxide, zinc peroxide etc.

Special manufacturing
Upon request, we can offer inch-sizes, special lengths, bearings acc. to drawing and various PTFE-layers for different areas of use as well as different backings in bronze or stainless steel etc.