CC333G / CuAl10Fe5Ni5

Aluminumbronze – Continous cast.

Aluminium bronze is well suited for heavy load applications or as an alternative when regular tin or leaded bronzes don’t meet the demands. The combination of aluminium and copper guarantees a tough material with high mechanical values. Aluminium bronze is corrosion and seawater resistant and therefore often used in the marine industry. Due to the lack of zinc and lead in this material adequate lubrication is very important.

Areas of use
Bearings for high loads, sliding parts, nut threads, marine details.

Delivery program
Solid round bar, tube, square, flat and hexagon bars



Chemical composition (nom.)
– Cu 76-83%
– Al 8.5-10.5%
– Ni 4.0-6.0%
– Fe 4.0-5.5%

Max impurities
– Mn 3.0%
– Pb 0.03%
– Zn 0.50%
– Sn 0.10%
– Si 0.1%
– Mg 0.05%
– Bi 0.01%
– Cr 0.05%

Mechanical properties
Yield strength (Rp N(mm²): ≥ 280 N/mm²
Tensile strength (Rm N/mm²): ≥ 650 N/mm²
Elongation in % A 5: ≥ 13%
Hardness/Brinell:  ≥ 150 HB
Density ∼ 7.6
Mating material: Min surface hardness 350HB. Rec. surface roughn < 1 Ra

Characteristics                                                                                                           The material is suitable for welding, soldering and brazing. The material is also suitable for bonding

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